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Careers at Beit Rafqa

As our facilities grow we need to continually develop the skills of our team and attract the very best people to work with us.

We are dedicated to personal development and aim to encourage the talents and build the careers of our staff at all levels.

To apply for a position with us you must first REGISTER and upload your CV, after that you will be able to apply for vacancies that we may list here and also considered for upcoming vacancies.

As an Administrative Assistant you are responsible for various administrative tasks such as answering calls, handling appointments, preparing for admissions, purchasing day to day requirements and other administrative tasks. ]
We are looking for a Psychomotor Therapist to promote the physical health and personal development of the elderly, assess the difficulties in the development of motor competencies and, where necessary provide treatment. ]
As a Maintenance Technician you are responsible for repair and maintenance of residents’ rooms, residents’ rooms’ preventive maintenance request and thorough inspection (Holicare) are strictly adhered to. ]
As an Assistant Nurse you are responsible for providing physical and emotional support to the resident, giving a helping hand in their daily activities such as bathing, feeding, grooming… and providing the necessary assistance to the nurses. ]
As a Registered Nurse you are expected to provide the residents with planned health care and assist them in their medical needs to the extent of your knowledge, to supervise the work of your subordinates and ensure the provision of high quality of care. ]
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