Beit Rafqa
Beit Rafqa

A caring community for the golden years.

Founded as a not-for-profit organisation to provide assisted living facilities to the elderly and right in the heart of the Lebanese countryside, Beit Rafqa is a caring and nurturing environment that many will have the pleasure of calling home.

Since 1946, the Sisters at Saint Joseph’s Monastery have been sheltering and supporting elderly people. Members of the Serimana Foundation on their visit to the monastery were introduced to the pious and dedicated Sisters and were moved by their compassion and care towards their elderly guests. Soon enough, Serimana Foundation made the life-changing decision of building a new state-of-the-art facility. Located right in the heart of the Lebanese countryside, Beit Rafqa is a loving environment created for the elderly to live out their golden years, independently and comfortably with pride.

Beit Rafqa was funded by the generous contributions of its founders and the construction of the facility began in 2013 by the Serimana Foundation, backed by the unwavering support of:
• Mr. Michel Abi Nader (MAN) who provided the project management and joinery works
• Mr. Sami Sidawi who donated 3000 cubic meters of concrete
• Mr. François Barakat who devoted his time and acted as owner representative
• Debbane Freres who mobilized qualified resources and donated the soft landscaping and it’s design
• Mr. Elie Gebrayel who provided the architectural concept design pro bono

Today, Beit Rafqa stands testament to the fact that the goodwill of a few can go a long way in bringing joy to many.

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