Beit Rafqa
Beit Rafqa

A not-for-profit organisation

A philanthropic endeavour, Beit Rafqa aims to give the elderly a new lease on life. We offer everything from state-of-the-art facilities, to a clean and comfortable environment, to specially planned activities. But most importantly, we handpick staff who are dedicated to ensuring Beit Rafqa is a nurturing community for everyone. 

As family members grow older, it can be increasingly challenging to provide them with the care and attention they require at home. Beit Rafqa’s goal is to offer the elderly a secure and nurturing environment while giving them round-the-clock care, nutritious meals and the opportunity to participate in engaging activities and connect with like minded people. We aim to give them more than what they can get at home because they deserve the best.


As a not-for-profit organisation, we will ensure that we provide the elderly the opportunity to live their best years comfortably and will strive to become the trusted choice in homes for the elderly in Lebanon and the Middle East. 


We are committed to providing a happy, healthy and fulfilling experience for the elderly.


Respect, Dignity, Companionship and Care. 

Founding members Beit Rafqa

  • Mother Superior of St. Joseph Monastery
  • Serimana Foundation
  • Michel Abi Nader
  • Nassib Chedid
  • François Barakat
  • Chafic Feghali
  • Elie Abou Yaghi 

And many more to come... 

The Serimana Foundation* was inspired by Marie El Zyr who always dreamt of creating a better living environment for the elderly. Her dream became true with the creation of the Serimana Foundation whose members are:

  • Marie El Zyr
  • Rita El Zyr
  • Makram El Zyr
  • Nadim El Zyr
  • Selim El Zyr

* Under formation

We publish our financial results as they become available. To view results click on a selected report.

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  Beit Rafqa - Financial Statement Q3 - 2018 ]
  Beit Rafqa - Financial Statement Q2 - 2018 ]
  Beit Rafqa - Financial Statement Q1 - 2018 ]
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